Different Types Of Door Closers

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External Overhead Door Closer

Externally mounted door closer is equipped with hydraulic buffer oil pump device, which can make the door open and close automatically. Its main feature is that the door closes slowly, and no collision sound after closing, it can be used in schools, hospitals, office buildings and hotels and other doors.

1, external mounted door top closers are not applicable to two-way opening doors.

2, speed adjustment screw to control the door opening and closing speed. Clockwise rotation is slow, counterclockwise rotation is fast.

3, the door closer should be refilled with antifreeze oil after 1 year of use. When refueling, screw out the oil hole, you can refuel, oil full of screws tightened.

4, the rest of the screws and sealing parts should not be screwed at will to prevent oil leakage.

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Concealed Overhead Door Closers

The inline door top spring is installed in the door fan on the hydraulic buffer spring and installed in the door frame on the slide and slider and linkage rod and so on. Since the inline door top closer is installed in the slot of the door fan and the door frame, it does not affect the appearance of the door when it is closed. It is suitable for use on the doors of high-grade hotel rooms.

The Bottom Of The Door Spring Closers

Door bottom spring or automatic door bow, divided into horizontal and straight two. The door bottom spring consists of two parts: the top and bottom. The upper part is the top shaft and the top shaft sleeve plate, the lower part is the bottom shaft and spring body. Its role is equivalent to the double spring hinge, which can make the door open and close automatically. When the door does not need to close automatically, the door can be opened to 90°. The door bottom spring can be used to spring wooden doors or doors open in both directions.

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The Floor Spring Closers (Floor Closers)

Ground spring consists of two major parts. Its upper structure for the top shaft and the top shaft sleeve plate, the lower structure for the rotary shaft rod and base. The floor spring can not only make the door automatically close, run smoothly and without noise, but also adjust the speed of the door automatically closing. When the door opening angle is less than 90 °, doors and windows, can be closed automatically in both directions; when the door opens to 90 °, the door can be fixed, this ground spring because the main structure buried in the ground, can keep the door beautiful, mostly used in the doors of more advanced buildings.

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