Subtitle Suzhou GEKRONE Door Control., Ltd is a Group Company which combines products R& D, manufacture and service into the one. The company is specialized in manufacturing hydraulic glass hardware and intelligent automatic door systems. The products comprises mainly automatic door systems, automatic door openers, floor spring, packing of different types, concealed door closer, glass hardware, and door control systems etc. Suzhou GEKRONE Door Control., Ltd is situated in Suzhou Fanxiang Development Zone, covers an area of 21 thousand square meters. From the 3D design and development, digital casting manufacture, all-automatic punching machine, digital integrated machining center, numerically-controlled machine tool, numerically-controlled and automatic painting machine, high and low temperature testing chamber, along with it advanced technology, delicate craftsmanship and hundreds of qualified employees, Suzhou GEKRONE Door Control., Ltd has become a leading enterprise in China with the annua


American Standard Door Closers

Door closers are mainly used in commercial and public buildings, but they are also used in homes. They have many uses, the primary of which is to make the door close on its own to limit the spread of

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